1979: by the will of some former players of rugby Milanese teams, the Rugby Cernusco Sports Association WAS born. Paolo Penati, Claudio "Entropia" Varisco, Enzo Rocco, Gianfranco Damiani - currently in the Cernusco management staff, try to bring the spirit of sacrifice, passion, typical characteristics of rugby teams on the banks of the Martesana. The first official championship is that of the 1980/81 season, the series is the D, which was then the entry level for all the new teams. These first years are obviously characterized by a settlement action, both at the level of management and of players; 81/82 season changes the president, changes the coach: the first position is taken by Contoni - which brings the company headquarters in his Bar, of course in Cernusco s / n - while the technical guide is taken by Giorgio "Dio" Fornaroli.

The work is mainly done by the players, who start in particular the tradition of collaboration with the schools present in the municipal territory; very important and precious work, which has formed a good part of the staff that in these seasons defend the gray / amaranth colors on all the Lombard camps. The definitive change of course occurs in 1997, when President becomes Fabio Brambilla and many ex-players of the so-called "Cernusco forte" from the late 80s enter the team. Today the Cernusco Rugby Sports Association celebrated the Wedding D ' Silver with the city, in schools and among young people is synonymous with sport, fun and friendship.

With the organization of the Milan Rugby Festival and the arrival of the new President Franco Viterbi in 2008, Rugby Cernusco is set to become an important reality in the Lombard and national rugby scene. His garden - the playground - is built almost seven days a week - first team, youth, old, tournaments, friendly - the boys find themselves at the "Club House", built next to the field, near the Martesana canal, that with its slow flow is and will always remain the only witness of all the wonderful moments of sport and friendship lived on the beautiful green carpet of Ce.