Nicole Rossini was born in Cernusco sul Naviglio on 27/04/2002, and she ride at the Scuderia Monteleone Via Corteolona 27010 Monteleone - Lombardy, with permission to mount FISE Patent license.

She follows daily hes training in the aforementioned venue under the instruction of Sebastiano Ringozzi, Federal Instructor and 2 G show jumping rider sponsored by Tonino Lamborghini.

In 2017 she increased the height of the category in the race from 110 to 115 already with excellent results visible from the rider curriculum.

By this year she has the goal of achieving the increase in the level of authorization to mount the license Fise 1 G opening up the opportunity to participate in show jumping of greater height.

Participating in the Italian Championships, Regional Championships and International are goals that she wants to achieve.

Nicole is Regional Champion of Lombardy in the Junior category and semifinalist of the 2017 Sport Project Col. Lodovico Nava level 2 Junior,  she is part of the Galante Talent Team and she  is also testimonial for Tattini for the fall / winter advertising campaign.

MR Comunicazione sponsor contract with Nicole for new endorsment and sponsorship.