Macron is an Italian manufacturer of sportswear, based in Valsamoggia, in the metropolitan city of Bologna.

Born in 1971 on the initiative of Cesare Tugnoli, as exclusive distributor for Italy of baseball equipment for the US company Mac Gregor. In 1974 he began producing clothing for basketball, baseball and volleyball in Bologna; subsequently, in 1994 he moved to Crespellano, where he began the production of clothing for football. Macron is a technical sponsor especially in football: since 2001 he has been present in this sport with the sponsorship of Bologna since then. Since then he has dressed about 300 teams including clubs, nationals and leagues, in 40 countries and in 8 different disciplines.

From 2017 he is technical sponsor of the Italian national rugby team, in addition to that of Scotland which he has already been supplying since 2016.

Macron Grande Store Milano is a Technical Partner of MR Comunicazione since July 2018 and collaborates with our agency for all the sponsorship activities of the teams in our portfolio.