Elegance, history and innovation ... in a word Vittorio Orlandi.

A bronze in Monaco in 1972, the recently concluded FISE presidency, a past leading a group of leading textile companies in the sector and the title of knight, are not enough to describe the greatness and goodness of one of the most important figures in history international equestrian.

"In spite of the history, I am sure that it will be an unhindered path that from today will unite us to the Vittorio Orlandi Foundation and its affiliates Apice, Pony Fiorello and Horse Radio" declared a satisfied Magda Rodighiero, General Manager of the Milan agency MR COMMUNICATION that added: "When kindness, tradition and professionalism meet, extraordinary things can come to life, and that's why we decided to put our expertise at the service of the history of Cavalier Vittorio Orlandi. Being ambassadors of one of the most important protagonists of the equestrian world, for us it is a source of pride and satisfaction. In Serbian, there are big projects that we will complete with the Foundation, certain to satisfy all the requests both on the promotional and marketing level. A partnership that MR Communication has long been looking for and which will further highlight the Orlandi team with innovative and up-to-date tuo testo...