Rowing in Varese, a sport immersed in the nature of its lake and that has written the history of the garden city. From 10 to 90 years, all in the boat on the field of the World Championships from sports start up to the blue shirt. The technological competition field allows athletes to train and compete in the best possible conditions. It is equipped with an electrical and traffic light system, the distance is signaled by poles every 250 meters and there is an international arrival tower with windows built on three levels: the first reserved for photographers, the second to judges and timekeepers and the third to speaker and technicians.The lake of Varese has an average depth of 11 m and a maximum of 26 m. With its 14.95 km2 surface it is particularly suitable for rowing, being a perfectly flat water basin for most of the year, which offers ideal conditions for a regatta or training.